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Concrete Cutting/Drilling - S&S Construction

S&S Construction also offers concrete cutting and drilling services for municipal, residential, and commercial applications in and around Four Corners.

Slab Cutting

Our construction team cuts slabs of concrete for any application. Using circular blades, we cut along scored lines to ensure a straight edge. These slabs can be used for basement and garage floors, sections of foundations, porch stoops, patio areas, roofing elements, and more. In addition to one large concrete slab area, we can also build an area with several concrete tiles.

Wall Sawing

S&S Construction in Durango also complete concrete wall sawing. Wall saws are used on vertical surfaces to create a doorway, window, or HVAC unit opening. Wall sawing can also be used to make horizontal cuts. The tools and techniques used in wall sawing create precise cuts in concrete and masonry. Specific wall sawing applications include smooth, finished openings in walls, ceilings, and floors, accurately sized opening for fixtures, bevel cutting, and flush cutting against the surface.

Basement Cutting

Basement cutting is a crucial step in home building. We cut out sections in basement concrete for windows, doorways, staircases, insulation installation, and more. This process also creates entryways for a basement egress systems. Sewer system installation, excavation, or modification is another application for basement cutting. Our concrete cutting services in Durango can be customized for your home, business, or other construction project.

Core Drilling

S&S Construction provides concrete core drilling in Durango area properties. Core drilling bores holes through concrete, along with reinforced concrete, brick, block, stone, and masonry. In this drilling process, specialized core bits grind away the surface to create a circular opening, or hole. These openings are created for plumbing, structural, and electrical installation for new and existing buildings, including floor and sewer drains, sewer tie-ins, HVAC openings, fiber optic cables, handrails, and aggregate analysis.

Complete Demolition

Our experienced construction team also provides complete demolition in Durango for any concrete structure. This includes the buildings themselves, foundations and support beams, parking garages, light posts, roads, driveways, and sidewalks, exterior storage structures, retaining walls, highway partitions, bridges, and more. We have modern, advanced equipment to both break down concrete and haul away debris so the site is clear for rebuilding.

Curb Cutting

Our construction company in Durango also provides curb cutting services. This process creates curbs for new roads for residential developments, along with public areas and corporate properties. We also modify existing curbs for roads that are being renovated. Curb cutting creates a defined, precise angle for straight, slanted, and round curbs, along with flat areas for driveways in between raised curbs. We can create specified curb heights and widths for parking lots, divided highways, industrial parks, and many other designs.