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Concrete - S&S Construction

S&S Construction provides concrete services in Durango, in addition to concrete cutting as well as other repair and installation projects.

Curbs & Gutters

S&S Construction designs and creates new curbs for residential streets and main roads. We also cut out space for and install gutters for drainage of rain water. Our construction team can create straight, 90 degree angle curb cuts, slanted curbs, rounded edges and sidewalk areas, and specialty curb dimensions for divided highways, parking lots, parks, and more. We also create parking curbs for individual parking spots.


You can’t complete a house or commercial building without a foundation. S&S Construction builds new foundations; custom designed for any area size and made for buildings with and without basements. We can also make repairs and modifications to existing foundations to reseal cracks, prevent house shifting, and correct foundation problems before they become major concerns. We’ve worked with homes, office buildings, schools, restaurants, hotels, apartment complexes, and several other building layouts to create a solid foundation.

Decorative/Color Stamping

For personal designs and company branding or architectural designs, S&S Construction offers decorative concrete and color stamping, along with concrete staining. This process can be applied to driveways, sidewalks, concrete paths, patios, and more. We can create one solid neutral or bright color, or create a design with colored blocks arranged in any pattern. Color stamped can be used to create text and logos as well. Our concrete experts will work with you to design a custom concrete area for your home or business.

House/Garage Slabs

We also build house and garage slabs. House slabs are mostly for homes without basements, or they can be installed in addition to the foundation or basement. Garage slabs are important for every garage to have as they create a barrier between moist soil and the garage floor. These slabs are custom cut for garages and homes of any size and are a sturdy, flat piece of concrete that supports the garage floor and prevents mold, water damage, and shifting.


S&S Construction installs driveways of any type for homes and businesses in Durango and the Four Corners. Driveway designs include straight and rectangular, horseshoe, circular, curved, and custom designed driveway layouts. We also build driveways for corporate parks, businesses, shopping malls, and municipal areas. Driveways can be created with one solid piece of concrete or a series of concrete tiles.

Patios & Sidewalks

We also design patios and sidewalks for residential and commercial properties. This includes straight and curved sidewalks, square and custom designed patios, concrete steps, ramps, commercial decks for hotels and restaurants, and more. From a simple, small section to a series of complex or specialty areas, no project is too large or too small.