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Excavation – S&S Construction

S&S Construction provides a wide range of excavation services for residential and commercial clients in the Four Corners area.

Foundation Excavation

For new residential and commercial properties, one of the first steps in construction is creating the foundation. We excavate the foundation area for any building size and for locations with or without a basement. Foundations support and stabilize a home or buildings walls and roof. The excavation process involves removing soil to make room for the foundation’s structure. Using a backhoe, loader, and other tools, we precisely cut out the area needed for the square footage of the home, foundation supports, underground pipes, and other specifications customized for each building.

Full Site Excavation

S&S Construction’s full site excavation services include every type of excavation need for a building site from start to finish. We begin with earth moving and land clearing, followed by trenching. We also dig or back fill basement and footing areas. If structure demolition is required, we can remove the old building before creating a new one. Landscaping and level, pond installation, driveway repair, and road grading can all be part of this process. Our construction experts also excavate for and install underground utilities, including sewer and water lines, drain fields, and septic systems.

Water & Sewer Repair

If your home or business is experiencing problems with your water supply, plumbing system, or sewer, S&S Construction goes underground to repair water and sewer lines. This includes water mains for municipal areas, city sewers, and private sewer drainage. Just some of the problems we solve include sewer or sump pump backups, water leaks in the line or pipes, blockages from leaves or other debris, water contamination, and structural repairs such as cracks in concrete, pipes, or drainage areas.

Site Grading & Topsoil

Site grading involves leveling an area for building and creating a surface that is resistant to shifting and soil erosion. Once the area has been fully grading, we use only the highest quality topsoil to place on top of the surface. Site grading also adjusts the slop and elevation of soil around a home or building. This step is done prior to construction to create a solid foundation for building. Site grading is also important for controlling the flow of storm water, ensuring it runs off and does not pool around the exterior of the home. In addition to initial grading for new sites, we can also re-grade sites to adjust for changes in the land or building construction.


Our experienced contractors in the Four Corners area also excavate for infrastructure building. Infrastructure includes roadways, bridges, sideways, highways, golf course components, industrial and commercial sites, subdivision retaining walls and more. We prepare the area according to design specifications and construction as needed, including concrete pouring. From small park bridges to metal building supports, and complex highway systems, S&S Construction can do it all.

Driveway Construction

Our construction team also completes driveway construction for new and replacement driveways. We can create a simple, straight and narrow driveway, horseshoe, circular, curved, long service road, or any other design for homes and businesses. Driveways can be paved with concrete or asphalt, or we can build a gravel driveway. We’ve built driveways for homes, apartment complexes, hotels, shopping centers, office buildings, restaurants, farms, rural estates, and more. Colored driveways are also available upon request.

Rough Landscaping

Rough landscaping is also a crucial excavation service needed prior to finishing landscaping elements. This includes clearing an area for planting grass, flowerbed and garden base soil, grading for sidewalks, driveways, and patios, and specialty landscape preparation for parks, recreational facilities, hiking trails and much more. The experience and equipment S&S Construction has at our disposal results in nearly endless possibilities for rough landscaping.